Before buying angry birds pc game now !!! Check my honest review

Little more than a year ago, few people had heard of the Angry Birds game. But Rovio Mobile, the Finnish developers of this remarkable game, had a masterplan for their creation. angry birds for computer Their plan was to use stealth to win over the world to the Angry Birds game online. At the beginning, only users of the iconic iPhone got to play the new game. But gradually the word spread, and in turn Rovio rolled out new versions of the game so that users of other mobile platforms, such as Nokia's Symbian and Maemo driven devices, and Android, could join in the fun.

The next stage was to reel in the users of desktop and laptop computers, so after January 2011 it became possible to play Angry Birds on a Windows or Mac computer. At the same time the Sony PS3 and PSP joined the party. In the next month or so there will be a Facebook version, which could prove a Farmville killer! Zynga must be quaking in their boots at the prospect of Farmville usage dropping like a stone. That might sound alarmist, but such is the excitement over Angry Birds. There is even talk of a Hollywood animated movie to come next year.

At this point in time there can't be many people who have not heard of Angry Birds online. But, while most people have heard of it, not everyone has had a chance to play it yet, so is it worth the download? The answer to this is yes, but only if you like fun, carefree puzzles. Angry Birds is not for the serious, or for anyone who wants a heavy game based around violence or destruction. True, there is destruction in Angry Birds, but it is of the jokey, cartoony kind.

In Angry Birds the basic plot of the game involves birds and pigs. The birds are livid because the pigs have stolen their eggs. Consequently they are [censored] -bent on revenge. It is your job, as the player, to make that revenge happen. You must use your slingshot to shoot the birds at the pigs. The idea of the game is to punish the pigs for stealing the birds' eggs, by slaughtering them en masse without mercy. Let's get this straight: There is no advancement in this game except by killing huge numbers of pigs.

But although this all sounds bloodthirsty, in reality it is just a bit of fun. And this is the appeal of Angry Birds PC, along with the competitive element of getting a high score and pushing through to the higher levels of the game. All things considered, Angry Birds is highly recommended, given the modest cost of download.

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